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Does your garden look like it needs new life? Are you tired of the dull sight of the plants and flowers? If yes, then look no further because we have what you need. Platypus Country is a landscaping organization whose primary objective is to ensure that your garden always remains a beautiful and tranquil; a place where you go to seek inspiration.

Special Team

We boast a special team of experts who have an extraordinary knowledge regarding plant care and the tricks to keep your garden thriving. With our unique capability and work ethic, Platypus Country can breathe new life into any piece of land. 


Basic Maintenance

This service includes weeding, bed edging, mulch raking and the removal of debris and browning leaves and branches. This ensures that your garden appears tidy and well kept.


This service ensures that the trees and plants in the garden are pruned at the proper time for their species which is crucial to their health and growth.

Disease Protection and Pest Control

Sometimes trees and plants suffer the most damage from diseases and pests. That is why we offer services for pest control in gardens and disease protection as well.

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Benefits of Commercial Sparkling Water Tap

Installing sparkling water tap commercial in the workplace bring instant results. Productivity in the workplace can often be disrupted when employees need to wait for the kettle to boil. However, hot water is not always the demand of all employees.

This means that a workplace installed with boiling taps alongside cool sparkling water tap commercial stands to benefit in terms of boosted productivity. After all, doctors highly recommend an average of 2 litres daily for optimum health.

Yet, many people often forget to drink water in the workplace. Dehydration can cause a lot of issues that can seriously affect productivity in the workplace. The easiest way to advocate hydration is to install a sparkling water tap commercial in the workplace.

Why Sparkling Water is the Best Option

The latest concern with too much intake of caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee has made many people limit their daily consumption. It has been seen by countless studies that insomnia, anxiety, and irritability are just some of the mental health issues caused by drinking too much caffeine.

The better alternative is by drinking lots of water. Nowadays, there are varieties of water ranging from mineral water to sparkling water. Yet, sparkling water has been seen as the one that provides a host of benefits.

Going one step further is filtered sparkling water. The complete removal of contaminants and chemicals make the filtered sparkling water the healthiest and cleanest choice when it comes to drinking water.

Being effective against stomach upset and indigestion is another benefit of sparkling water. This was seen in a study wherein patients suffering from gallbladder, dyspepsia, and constipation problems were helped by filtered sparkling water.

Installing a sparkling water tap in the workplace is sensible when it comes to protecting the health of the employees. Healthy employees are happy employees and happy employees work more productively.

Sparkling Water Tap in the Workplace

Sparkling water tap commercial includes sparkling, boiling, and cooling all in one tap. The kitchen area in the workplace gets an instant healthy upgrade with the installation of the sparkling water tap commercial.

The best carbonation system in the world becomes available in one tap with the installation of a sparkling water tap in the workplace. With the tap, employees no longer have to cut time in waiting for the kettle to boil for morning coffee or afternoon tea.

The cool sparkling water option also allows employees to stay hydrated and productive in the workplace. Gastric issues are eliminated with the multiple benefits provided by filtered sparkling water tap.

Best of all, weight loss is also achieved by drinking sparkling water. How so? Numerous studies have shown that the “fizz” feature of sparkling water not only aids gastric activity but also helps to make people feel “fuller”. The mighty punch provided by the tiny carbonated bubbles of sparkling water helps to lose extra pounds or control weight problems.

Employees feeling tired and sluggish in the afternoons are showing signs of dehydration. Keeping them dehydrated with cool sparkling water throughout the day is the best way of keeping productivity at high levels.

A wide range of filtered sparkling water taps, dispensers, and systems out in the market today offer the best solution for keeping high productivity levels in the workplace. Contact us at Stream Water commercial sparkling water taps for more information.

4 Types Of Home Renovations That Will Boost Its Value

When it comes to home additions adelaide, it is not just absolutely an addition to alluring your home but also increases the value of your house. When you renovate your house make sure you plan it in a way that it adds value to your property as you might want to sell it later. Make sure the renovations you want to spend money on is worth the investment. Moreover, consider the types of renovations you can opt for to boost the value of your house and make it worth the investment. The appropriate type of renovations can make your house automatically more entrancing to the customer. Following are the four types of home renovations that will boost its value.

The basic features

The basics consist of the basic stuff that anyone and everyone looks for in a house. The basic features include roofs that do not leak, solid floors, walls in good condition and safe working gutters without any plumbing issues. These are some major basic features that a potential buyer will look for while purchasing a house. Moreover, investing money in these basic features will not give you a huge amount of return therefore, you do not have to invest an excessive amount of money on it to boost the value. Yet, these features need to be maintained and upgraded.

The curb appeal

The curb appeal of your house is highly essential when it is time to sell it. The exterior of your house plays an important role in creating the first impression in the mind of the customer therefore, it should be something appealing. Although, these features do not add too much in the monetary value, but enhance the appeal of your home making the selling process easier. The features in this type of renovations include well maintained lawn, landscape, freshly painted house, lightings (adding LED lights will make it look more appealing) . All these renovations boosts the value of your home.

Value added

The features that add value to your home are the ones that give utmost return and should be on the top of the owners list. These include kitchen and bathroom renovations, new windows, upgraded sidings. Moreover, energy saving advancements also plays a part in giving maximum return. Therefore, if you are considering selling your house, you need to make sure all these items are upgraded.

Personal preferences

As the name suggests itself, personal preferences are the features that are set up by the people themselves according to their needs and wants. These are the features that you like but, the person looking to buy your home may not want it or might not agree to pay for it to have it. These items may include a swimming pool, hot bathtubs, game areas. Moreover, it is totally up to you whether you want to add these features to your home or not but, do not expect potential customers to be willing to pay for them.

Hence, four types of home renovations that will boost its value are mentioned in this article. By going through this article you will get to know what type of renovations you need for your home to increase its value. Therefore, select wisely to get maximum return.

How to get rid of invasive plants

Do you want to stay organic? So the best way to get rid of invasive plants is likely to require more work than it would for those willing to use chemical herbicides. For many people, staying true to their organic landscaping principles is more important than getting rid of invasive plants quickly and they will be happy to take on the extra work if it means they can stay natural.

Follow the path of chemical herbicides, carefully read what is written on the product packaging before purchasing. Information about some will indicate that they are specific to “woody” plants (for example, Ortho’s Brush-B-Gon product). Glyphosate is a very popular chemical herbicide (sold under the “Roundup” brand). It is a type of non-selective herbicide, which means that it will kill practically anything – including landscape ornamental plants, lawn grass, etc.

(so be careful!).

Since chemical herbicides such as Roundup are not selective, the best way to get rid of an invasive plant using such a product sometimes depends on the circumstances. For example, if you want to use Roundup on Japanese knotweed plants (Polygonum cuspidatum, see picture) sprouting in the lawn, you might want to use the herbicide injection method rather than spraying.

This way, you can control the Roundup so that it doesn’t end up on your lawn, as it would kill it.

Is it possible to get rid of invasive plants organically?
If you prefer to stay organic, you can try using vinegar as a herbicide. Some organic gardeners also use something as simple as boiling water to kill weeds. But don’t exaggerate your hopes, because the fact is that neither vinegar nor hot water will work on everything. They will have little effect on an invasive perennial plant as hard as the Japanese knotweed.

If vinegar and boiling water don’t work on a particular plant, try another method of getting rid of it. Staying organic is all about experimentation. In some cases, the best way to get rid of invasive plants will of course be by suffocating them by suffocating them with tarpaulins, etc.

Speaking of experimentation, some may opt for a multi-pronged approach, trying some of this and some of that. An example is the one presented in this article, where addressing the problem of eradicating the Japanese knotweed is analyzed in great detail.

Removal of tree stumps without grinders

You can hire someone with a grinder , but it’s expensive. Or you can rent one from a rental center and do it yourself, but this has two main disadvantages:

Grinders are heavy.
And they are dangerous.
Another method is manual, which involves literal removal of the tree stump (grinding and chemical methods involve disintegration rather than literal removal). Manual removal is inexpensive but has two drawbacks:

It is laborious.
After removing the stump, what do you do with it? Not all cities will collect logs together with the garbage (check first).
Below I present a brief explanation of the manual way, but this article will focus on another inexpensive alternative that has the advantage of being simple: the chemical method. But beware: the chemical method requires some patience.

I have also seen people make a hole in the middle of a stump, put the soil in the hole and use it as a planter. Talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons! But since you are reading this article, I assume you are more interested in removing it than lemonade.

Manual method to remove a stump
Are you trying to get rid of a small or medium-sized stump?

If you opt for manual removal of the stump, use a pickaxe, a shovel (or garden spade) and an ax. A pickaxe has a wide end for digging and a sharp tip for slicing. Of course, different people have different preferences for different tools and experience levels with tools (and you can never have too many good tools around for a job like this), so let me mention a few other materials:

Heavy steel bar (sold under names such as “service bar” or “digging bar”), one end is sharp and can be used to cut roots. This tool can also help you uproot a small stump once you’ve loosened it enough.
Small arched saw. Use this to cut roots that you may have trouble reaching with the pickaxe. Large arched saw, as an alternative to an ax. This is a safer tool to use than an ax (see below).
Steel toe boots (for safety), gloves.

The extensiveness of all the services

The extensiveness of all the services depend upon the service package chosen by the client. Our service packages range from a complete garden makeover to specific small tasks such as only the pruning of trees. The cost and charges vary accordingly.
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