Removal of tree stumps without grinders

You can hire someone with a grinder , but it’s expensive. Or you can rent one from a rental center and do it yourself, but this has two main disadvantages:

Grinders are heavy.
And they are dangerous.
Another method is manual, which involves literal removal of the tree stump (grinding and chemical methods involve disintegration rather than literal removal). Manual removal is inexpensive but has two drawbacks:

It is laborious.
After removing the stump, what do you do with it? Not all cities will collect logs together with the garbage (check first).
Below I present a brief explanation of the manual way, but this article will focus on another inexpensive alternative that has the advantage of being simple: the chemical method. But beware: the chemical method requires some patience.

I have also seen people make a hole in the middle of a stump, put the soil in the hole and use it as a planter. Talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons! But since you are reading this article, I assume you are more interested in removing it than lemonade.

Manual method to remove a stump
Are you trying to get rid of a small or medium-sized stump?

If you opt for manual removal of the stump, use a pickaxe, a shovel (or garden spade) and an ax. A pickaxe has a wide end for digging and a sharp tip for slicing. Of course, different people have different preferences for different tools and experience levels with tools (and you can never have too many good tools around for a job like this), so let me mention a few other materials:

Heavy steel bar (sold under names such as “service bar” or “digging bar”), one end is sharp and can be used to cut roots. This tool can also help you uproot a small stump once you’ve loosened it enough.
Small arched saw. Use this to cut roots that you may have trouble reaching with the pickaxe. Large arched saw, as an alternative to an ax. This is a safer tool to use than an ax (see below).
Steel toe boots (for safety), gloves.


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