Tell-tale Signs You Need Air Conditioning Services

The hot season is right around the corner when temperatures start to heat up as the sun re-emerges. Keeping your cool in rising temperature levels means ensuring that your air conditioning system is up to par.

Yet, what are the tell-tale signs that mean your AC needs TLC from air conditioning services? An air conditioning system needs air conditioning services pronto when showing these signs, to include:

Weird sounds

Low-level noise is expected from many air conditioner systems when it starts up and shuts down. However, an air conditioner creating unusual loud and sudden sounds can mean big issues with its cooling system.

A loose part can make the AC produce a weird buzzing or rattling noise. However, something serious can be going on with your AC when it starts to make grinding or whistling sounds.

Scheduling a visit from professional air conditioning services is a must when the AC starts to produce any type of weird noise. Ignoring the problem won’t help to make it go away.

Poor airflow

A blockage or an AC that does not work efficiently commonly shows poor airflow. Some issues that can block air from an AC’s ductwork could be a broken motor or a clogged air filter.

A zoning system may be recommended by air conditioning services if the poor airflow has become a common issue with the AC. Investing in a zoning system ensure getting the right cooling and airflow power when you and your family need it most.

Water leaks

It is natural for an air conditioner to produce condensation as it works. AC’s reliance on refrigerants as a way to cool your space can produce condensation. However, the accumulation of liquids enough to leak into your home means trouble.

The cooling system of your air conditioner is not working properly when you see active leaks or pooled water around it. This problem needs to be addressed by air conditioning services ASAP to protect not only your AC but the structure of your home as well.

Warm air

Checking the thermostat is the first step to take when the vents of your air conditioning system are blowing warm air. The thermostat should be switched to cooling mode. A compressor issue or inefficient airflow could be the culprit if your vents still blow warm air even when the thermostat was set to cool mode.

Calling in the pros is a better option than going for the DIY fix. The complex cooling systems of the AC needs careful calibration from air conditioning services.

Unpleasant odours

Dealing with the issue ASAP is best when you suspect the unpleasant odours in the home are caused by your air conditioning system. A diagnostic visit from air conditioning services can quickly resolve the issue.

A quick tune-up or a thorough cleaning session might clear up the bad odour issue. However, unpleasant odours can also mean more serious technical solutions. Whatever the issue is, calling for professional help is always the smartest option.

High levels of humidity

Sticky weather is expected during the warmer seasons. However, experiencing high humidity indoors with an air conditioner means it needs some TLC. The TLC may range from a thorough dehumidifying or a simple calibration of the AC.

An annual check-up schedule with air conditioning services is still the best way to avoid nasty surprises from your air conditioning system. Have an expert perform air conditioning installation and servicing.


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